First blog post

Blogging. A blank canvas. An open road. Direction. Answers. Freedom. Hope. Release. Whatever it may be for you might differ from what it is to me or the next person. I never knew why I would start one or if I should. It was not until I became a mom that I decided why not? We all have things to share, not because we want attention or to brag but to just talk. At least for me that’s why I decided to start. 99 percent of the people who might come across this will not know me. For me that’s what made me want to start it. I would be able to discuss things, share things, ask things without the bias opinion of someone knowing how I am personally. We all have questions, we all have concerns or things we feel so strongly about and would like to discuss. Things we want to get off our chest but might feel starting in on an ongoing debate somewhere online is either wrong, not our place or even dumb. So here on my blog I can talk. I can share my feelings and not feel bad because guess what it’s my page and if you don’t want to or don’t care to you don’t have to read it! All of our questions and opinions etc might be the same someone else has. One of my goals is to be able to help others get some answers that they are either not able to ask for or don’t want to or might not think to. I will talk about things going on in my life and around me, personal or not. I’ll ask questions I have. Share my feelings about things going on around me and to me. Maybe I’ll talk about something you are feeling too. We might not agree but maybe we can come to find answers together. So here it goes. I’m going to start a blog. Hope you enjoy. If you decided to follow I hope you find answers or even amusement! If you do not like it I only ask you keep the negative away. Like I said, you do not have to read or follow and we all have our own thoughts and opinions.

Merci! Thank you!


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