Becoming a mommy

Oh boy. Motherhood. Such a complex thing! So many emotions, so many changes, not enough sleep and not enough answers ! I’ve always been so excited to be a mom but so terrified at the same time. How will I do?  How does it work?! What do I do? How will my child turn out ? I still have all those questions jumping around my head but now I’ve added: how can I love him so much? How can he bring me so much joy? How can all my fears and worries go away just by looking at him? How did it go from my life being about me to not caring about anything but him? It’s crazy how much changes when you become a parent. People always told me ” just wait til you have kids” i wanted to punch them in the face everytime I heard it… well now I get it. It’s true. Everything changes. Your life, sleeping habits, your routine, your goals, your priorities, your hobbies, interest, body, emotions… the list goes on.. however, with all those changes one thing I know for sure won’t change is the love I now feel for my son. It’s quite amazing. I never felt what I feel now and I have a feeling it’s only going to get stronger. I was always amazed and fortunate for my parents and how they raised my brothers and myself. I now appreciate them even more and understand their love for us, and my son is only just under 3 months !

I’ve learned and experienced quite a bit in these short 3 months and I look forward to all the years to come. I’ve seen my husband become a father, an amazing one at that. The love he has for his son melts me. I love watching him smile at him, I find it cute when he gets bothered if our son doesn’t interact with him as much as with me. I’ve witnessed a new feeling of youth grow in my mom, a grandmother’s love is truly beautiful . I’ve seen my dad become a big softie. I’ve noticed it’s not so much about us anymore it’s all about the baby! I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never sleep again! Haha! I’ve learned to multi-task like a mother! I’ve come to accept one maybe 2 showers a week. I know ew. Lol. Most importantly I’ve come to realize I can do this. Yes it’s hard, yes I cry a lot, yes I’m exhausted but that smile, those coos, those snuggles kick all those worries and fears to the curb. They come running back after a while but get pushed back everytime and I know everything will be okay as long as my baby boy is okay.

So to all you new and existing parents. Cheers! Here’s to new lives, forever changed lives! Better lives!


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