My babies library 

I knew one of the first things I wanted to do for my son was find a way to give him his own personal library . I googled, read articles and searched the many sections of pinterest to find the best ways to do so. 

Reading has always been an interest of mine and I wanted to make sure little man had all the resources possible to benefit from everything books have to offer. 

Articles from parenting sights like Parents and kids health gave me a better understanding as to how a baby can benefit from reading. 

If you’d like to learn more on the benefits, read up on them! Research! But I’d say it’s common sense to most that reading helps us grow mentally, broaden our vocabulary, increase knowledge and amuse us all at the same time.

For my son who is only 3 months old, the words are both necessarily what he is remembering or focusing on. He is at the stage where colors are very appealing to him. So I read books to him that are colorful, full of pictures. I hold the book in front of him and read to him while he stares in amazement at all the pictures! He loves reds, blues and other bold colors. 

I read to him in French as well. He seems to get very excited when I read French books to him! Using different voices and tones also gets reactions out of him. To me, it is very important to express emotions and use different tones so they learn these different sounds. 

I interact with him while reading and he loves it! If the book says hands, I grab his hand, book says toes, I grab his toes etc. It’s little gestures and routines that will eventually sink in and they will start to put the pieces together and remember! It is never too early to start working those brains of theirs! 

So once I found an idea for a library that I liked on pinterest I gave it to my hubby and let him have at it! He built all the shelves from scratch using material we bought at lowes. 

I took a few ideas like this, combined it with ideas like this one and we came up with our very own library! 

I wanted a mat on the floor so once he is old enough we can sit there and he can pick books to read! 

At my baby shower I asked for books instead of cards ! It was a cute idea and a lot more useful! Guests were able to choose a book they liked and write a message inside for our son and we added it to the library! So much better! He has books he can read vs cards that will just sit in a box or be thrown away! We added books from our childhood that our parents kept or rebought ones we remembered having! Of course we added ones we saw that we wanted to buy! 

So far I haven’t decided if he has a FAVORITE I think he is still too young to know. I do know like I said before, he loves the bold colors and different voices. So for now, I just pick bright books or just use plenty of different voices, mostly happy upbeat tones when reading to him! 

I’m looking forward to the day he picks books out for us to read! 🙂 

So pick up that book! #readtoyourbaby and enjoy the growing and learning process!!!! 


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