Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’m 27 years old. Married to my best friend and mommy to a beautiful baby boy. I was born in France and live in California. I’m a Gemini to the core. I am a sensitive, emotional, strong opinionated lady! I speak my mind but take the time to see others’ options and sides. I try to see the good and better in situations but sometimes am a little too stubborn to see things in a different light. I LOVE cooking and hosting food gatherings, whether it be dinners or parties. My family is everything to me. I love my friends. I’m a sucker for animals. My doggie is my baby. I hope you enjoy this blog, just like me it’ll be all over the place ! Some rants, some life changes, life discoveries, feeling and thoughts, food and cooking, traveling, ¬†questions and concerns….!!! Voil√†! Enjoy!